What’s In Season

For March, 2024

Seasons Focus

Early season Asparagus… How 13’c is the temperature to remember !

When the soil hits 13’s the Asparagus crowns start to throw spears up… that’s why commercially doing early season asparagus can be very costly (heating soil ????)

All the spears are grown outside in raised beds in polytunnels and without artificial heating.

Our clever berry growers have been hanging onto their old coir (coconut fibre), which is recycled from the production of strawberries – the main crop grown on the farm. They have then been filling raised beds in polytunnel’s with this coir and planting asparagus plants into it… Green asparagus and some more fun purple asparagus starting next week.

This method of growing means the coir can warm up quicker, plus the crop is housed in tunnels to trap natural heat. This means the use of artificial heating or lights isn’t needed. Not only that, but the technical team have also managed to care for the asparagus crop naturally by using microbiology & fungi, which has resulted in the crop being pesticide-free.

From The Gardens

Baby Leeks
Mixed heritage beetroot
Mixed heritage carrots
Heritage baby beet mixed colour
Maris piper potatoes
Pepper mixed colour

Potato – maris piper washed, pink fur apple, la ratte, vitelotte, violetta, desiree
Spring onion
White cabbage
Wild spinach
Wild garlic

From the Fields and Woods

Locally sourced produce from nearby farms

  • Pigeon, guinea fowl, goat, venison and rabbit – South Brockwells Farm, Little Horsted
  • Pork and sausages Richard Bates, Chelwood Gate
  • Sussex Beef, Rose Veal, Lamb and charcuterie – Calcott Farm, West Sussex
  • Charcuterie – Curing Rebel, Brighton, Calcott Farm, West Sussex
  • Poultry, Eggs, Bacon – Oaks Farm, Ditchling

From The Sussex Sea

All sourced from local fisherman on the Sussex coastline

Cuttlefish, Dabs, Langoustines, Monkfish, Dover Sole, Sardines, Skate(Ray), Whiting, Oysters, Razor
Clams, King Scallops, Halibut, Lemon Sole, Squid, Haddock, Mussels, John Dory, Red Mullet